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Meet the founders

A husband and wife team who get a kick out of people calling them nutri-preneurs

Robert Gellibolian, Ph.D
Founder & “The Wizard of FLOZ”

I am a husband, son and uncle. I also happen to be a scientist with a passion for health and nutrition. Before FLOZ, I worked for many years as a scientist and executive in the biotech sector with a singular vision to impact and better human health by discovering drugs to treat diseases such as cancer and inflammation.

Armed with a PhD in biochemistry (which means nothing except my mother), I was adamant in bringing another miracle drug to market and making my mark in science. In time (yes, ‘evolution’ decided to touch me with its wisdom), I realized that the obvious and simplest solution to most of our modern day health problems is not more expensive drugs, but proper nutrition and a balanced life.

I am passionate about scientific literacy and distilling complex scientific concepts into more straightforward and accessible explanations that everyone can understand. I strongly believe that the only way to make educated decisions about what we eat is by understanding what happens to food in our bodies. This passion has allowed me to fundamentally transform the way some of my friends and family members view the value of nutrition from foods and supplements.

So, I decided to leave the corporate world of BIG science and put my PhD (which still means more to my mother) to develop nutritional products that use ingredients that are scientifically shown to be usable by the body.

This is why FLOZ was born.


  • Bachelor of science: UCLA (Biochemistry)
  • Doctorate: Texas A&M University’s Institute of Biosciences & Technology (Biochemistry)
  • Post-doctorate: The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Fun facts:

  • Hobbies: collecting and using vintage straight razors
  • Activities: hiking, running
  • Likes: traveling, photography, reading
  • Movies: Bladerunner, The Best Offer, Sixth Sense

Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.


Liza H. Gellibolian
Co-founder & “FLOZ Marketeer”

I have a passion for healthy food and proper nutrition. Healthy food boosts our immune system and we all owe it to ourselves to follow a healthy diet. The environment we live in is already putting a huge stress and insult on our bodies, which we have no control over it so why not control what we can and try to eat healthy.

Before I got consumed with nutrition, I studied marketing management and worked in financial institutions and retail advertising for close to 20 years. My diet suffered throughout these years. Extremely stressed with work I didn’t pay attention to what I was eating and proper nutrition was not a priority to me. However, when I met Robert my perception of food completely changed. I learned to look at food holistically and understand what it does inside the body. I also read books about nutrition and wellness of our digestive system and started to focus on adding more fruits and vegetables to our daily diet.

Keeping up with healthy eating and making sure we get enough fiber or eat fresh fruits everyday, however, have not been easy for us. I noticed that we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables when we are busy, working or traveling. So Robert and I decided to start a line of nutritional drink mixes to help us get the proper nutrition while we’re on the go. We came up with a formula, which is not only good for adults but it is also good for active kids. Our mission became to help people live a healthier life and we look forward to giving you all the information you need to make better nutritional choices towards a healthier future.