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Today, more than ever, there is a huge disconnect between the foods we eat and us. We are constantly bombarded with information about the health benefits (or harm) of certain ingredients. Despite the intentions of nutritional labels to make life easier for us, we find themselves more confused than ever in using them to make educated choices about the foods we eat.

FLO-Zone was created to bridge the knowledge gap between consumers and the science of health and nutrition. The goal is to inspire individuals to make better-educated decisions about the foods they eat and understand how those choices affect their bodies. After all, our bodies are the ultimate investments.

Fall vegetables that should be on your plate

Fall vegetables It’s always sad to see ripe summer vegetables fade out, but there is excitement that comes in with the even more interesting and complex vegetables of fall. We know that you can slice a tomato and put it on a plate, but do you know how to enjoy cabbage or Brussels sprouts? It’s […]

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Fiber and your gut – The microbial connection

Gut health: By now, we know that fiber is the food our gut bacteria eat in order to grow and thrive. But why do we need or even have microbes in our guts? Before we delve deeply into the answer, let’s start by putting things in proper “biological” and “evolutionary” context. Good bug, bad bug […]

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Fiber – The misunderstood ingredient

Eat more fiber. You’ve probably heard it before. But do you know why fiber is so good for your health? Today, fiber is one of the most talked about ingredient in the media and among nutritionists, and health aficionados. Even with this exposure, it is by far one of the most misunderstood food components in […]

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Hydration – Water, electrolytes and fluid balance

What’s special about electrolytes and hydration? Most people think of hydration in the context of ‘water’. However, any discussion about the physiology of hydration requires reference to ‘electrolytes’ because body fluids are composed primarily of water and electrolytes. These two are intimately connected and work in concert to allow the body in achieving fluid balance […]

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